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Sunday, January 04, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 4

Words Written Today: 1143
Total Words Written: 4444

Not a great day's worth of words today, and certainly no great shakes in terms of quality. Still, ham-fisted and amateurish it may be, but it's chugging along. To what I still don't know, but I had a couple of ideas I noted down this morning on my way in that may bear some fruit.

The low word-count comes from a stunted morning thanks to a crazy (or possibly drugged-up) guy sat behind me in the Starbucks at the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford St. Between his bouts of swearing, banging his table on the floor and playing one Gogol Bordello song over and over on his mobile (never played fully through, with the volume constantly adjusted up and down), I found myself a little distracted, so only got about 20 minutes done. The rest has been banged out this evening at home, but to be honest neither evenings nor being at home are very conducive to me getting things done. Still, I managed to only come in just over 450 words below my target for the day, so not too bad in terms of catching up later.

Not counting the day's worth I have to make up for the 1st, of course...


  1. Again, I know we're not working on the same kind of project, but your efforts are still far superior to mine. I'm very easily distracted, and just can't seem to focus. As soon as I try and focus, my eyes start fluttering and I begin to fall asleep. Any advice?

  2. Well, given your history I would say, leave it until the very last minute then totally blitz it and do very well. But if that doesn't work for ya, how about trying to do it at different times? In different locations? More coffee?