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Friday, January 02, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 2

Words Written Today: 1622
Total Words Written: 1622

Phew! Not too difficult to hit the count today. I imagine the problems will come at the point where I have to actually start tying things together. I've taken a "wing it" approach to this, and I'm not sure if it's one I will take again if I try this in November. Until this morning I really had no idea what I was going to do. I had been vacillating between fantasy and horror, just for the fact that they were genres I could sink my teeth into and have some fun writing. On the walk down to Angel this morning I settled on a fantasy/horror mash-up and had an opening sentence, as well as a name for the protagonist. Then as I wrote the first chapter, it all started to change. By the time I had hit the word limit, it had morphed into a weird kind of fantasy/Indiana Jones type of thing. I suspect it'll veer back to horror, but right now it's taken quite an unexpected turn, which is kind of exciting.

How is it? Bloody awful, truth be told. Full of holes already, glossing over certain practicalities (the ins and outs of desert travel isn't really my forte) and not particularly well written. The tone strays a bit and I'm not sure the single character I've introduced so far is convincing in the slightest. I'm sure looking back on it later I'll find myself being a little kinder, but right now it feels like a pile of shit. But I couldn't be happier, because I've started, and in starting it has all become a great deal more achievable. Not to mention the fact that, clumsy or no, there are already salvageable ideas going on.

So, I'm underway! The 1600 word/day target has led to me adopting a 1600-ish word/chapter approach, which feels like a nice breakdown. Not hard and fast as a rule, but it makes it feel like I'm writing a very short story every day.

Let's see how positive I'm feeling tomorrow, eh?

So come on fellow JaNoWriMo people! How are you doing?


  1. I haven't written at all this chapter that is...Not nearly as many words required as yours, but trust me when I say, it involves just as much work, because I have to pull together hundreds of articles of research. So, I intend to stick with the task this evening and get at least a page down (double spaced). Then I can go see mah man...that's the reward. If not, no reward. Just a lonely night in an empty apt watching the snow fall outside my upper east side apt...and lots of feelings of guilt. Gotta go make some soup first :)

  2. Good work Andrew! Keep it up, I admire the whole venture massively, sorry I couldn't join you on it this year, but maybe some other time!

  3. i love that dilemma: man or art.