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Monday, January 19, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 19

Words Written Today: 2594
Total Words Written: 28293

Ahh, very good. Had a nice, satisfying day today. Got my writing done first thing, moving halfway through from Tinderbox, which I always find to be filled with sullen, self-involved staff and similar people, to Starbucks, which at least gives me a free drip coffee refill now.

After that I went to see The Wrestler, which I thought was great. It really does all hinge on Mickey Rourke's performance, who is totally believable in the role. Submerges himself in it, one might say. Marissa Tomei is pretty good as well, giving the kind of performance critics like to call "courageous", which is to say she gets her kit off. But it's a good turn and its nice to see her back on the screen.

Bought myself the second book in Joe Abercrombie's First Law series as well. Haven't been so excited about a fantasy novel in a while. I love getting excited about new books. It's a shame it happens so little now I'm all grown up, even though there are more books around I want to read than ever before. Just not that many I get really excited about.

Not sure how tomorrow will go. Lunch and after work are both booked up, so I'll have to go for gold before work. Doubtful I'll hit the target though.

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