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Saturday, January 03, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 3

Words Written Today: 1679
Total Words Written: 3301

All action today! The second (technically third, though the first is only two sentences long) chapter, introducing a new character or two. I say or two, as I may or may not use one of the other characters later on. When I actually have a clue what I'm doing. Actually, I am starting to float some bigger ideas on the table beyond "fill this chapter", which will be handy when it comes to the whole "plot" nonsense: that point beyond which I can't just keep introducing new characters in new situations.

As for the writing, I must say that I feel appalled by the level of it, though I hope it's just a case of cracking the joints, as it were. Not that I should expect any kind of masterpiece given the time constraint.

Speaking of time, it's nice to find myself in that time-compressing writing groove again, even though I'm not thrilled at the idea of my pre-work and lunch time zipping by so quickly.

How are you other people faring? Mark? Andrea? Morgan? Leon? Justin? Bruce? Sharla? Jon (if you had inspiration)? Anybody?

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  1. Anonymous7:29 am

    yeah I wrote a short story at 4 in the morning. It`s just over 1000 words I think. It`s not great, maybe I`ll send it through to you sometime. It`s based on a true to life out of body experience but I think it`s too personal actually. It did help to make me concentrate on the details of it so I don`t forget them later on in life, so that`s been valuable exercise I suppose. It`s also important not to start to create innacuracies in your memory so that you remember the memory of a memory rather than the actual experience. It`s unavoidable though I suppose, and that often comes from the re-telling of stories. As I said before, that`s another case where words can work against you.
    Bring on telepathy I say.
    I recently saw a ghost too so I`m being very careful to guard the experience.

    Blast, I also realised I could have used this oportunity to work on a pre-planned sci-fi romance (do I always end up doing sci-fi romance?) I tried out before. Maybe I`ll do that. I think it helps to have something a bit more concrete to latch onto rather than to just go off in some sub-Burroughsian mess, which is good for self-discovery but not often much else.

    I get the feeling you`re the only person who is actually writing anything.