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Saturday, January 17, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 17

Words Written Today: 2258
Total Words Written: 24675

Another slow start this morning, but I wound up having a bit more time than I thought thanks to Alex sleeping in, so I still managed to get it done. I was sorely tempted to push through to the 25,000 mark, but I've run out of time today. Still, I suspect tomorrow might wind up a bit of a stinker, so it'll be nice to have something positive to report.

Busy day today, actually. Wandered around the Barbican, taking in the Museum of London while we were down there. Popped down to Cannon Street to have a look at the London Stone, then went wandering around the back alleys of the City. Popped out at Liverpool Street where we had a very late lunch before walking home via Shoreditch. Nice!

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