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Friday, January 30, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 30

Words Written Today: 5191
Total Words Written: 47759

Day 29? Err...try 1043. Not exactly a banner day when I needed to be hitting near 3000 words.

But then came today. Pretty much all I did today was write, travel into town, meet Dana for lunch, write, wander back to Angel, write, come home. It's now coming up on 6pm, so I've still got the evening free.

What a relief it is to have gotten today under my belt. I'm well within sight of the finish line now, hopefully getting to the end tomorrow morning. I've had the end in mind the last week or so, so I should be able to tie it all up fairly quickly from here. All the key players are where they need to be and the big bad guy is at the gates. Him and his undead army.

Just to go a bit meta here for a second: my spell-checker doesn't recognise the word "undead". Peculiar.

Anyway, pretty much just a climactic fight to get out of the way and some sort of nice final chapter and we're done. And maybe I'll kill someone, because hey, why not?


  1. What you really want to do is kill everyone, but then have a magic fairy appear on the last page and resurrect everyone except one character who "gave too much" and can't come back so all the others can cry around their gravestone. IT WILL BE LIKE THE D&D MOVIE AND THEREFORE BE AWESOME! SNAAAAAILS!

  2. Sweeet!

    (I remember seeing that at the Genesis cinema in Mile End. I wasn't expecting high art, but....Jesus....)

  3. Dude...wish I could say the same for my friggin' "chapter"!

  4. well done on finishing.

    maybe undead is un-dead? but that seems wrong.