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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

JaNoWriMo Update Day 7

Words Written Today: 1779
Total Words Written: 9493

Fairly happy with today's progress. hell, I even had some good story ideas start to shine through. Not ones involving how I'm going to end this unfortunately, but enough to carry me through the next few days and I'm sure by then I'll have a few more. But today was good fun to write, as the horror element started emerging. Happily, I'm not finished with the chapter yet, so there will be more of the same to kick me off tomorrow morning. I do love writing about ghosts. Everything is better with ghosts.

I once shared a flat where I thought my room was haunted. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though someone was in the room with me. Sometimes I would wake up having flung my bedclothes at where I believed the person to be (always bottom right of the bed). I would leap out of bed and flick on the light, looking for them and only after a few moments would I then fully wake up and realise where I was. I would also dream that people were looking down at me and I couldn't move, as though I were on some operating table. I actually wound up moving out of the room into the lounge, where the dreams and unpleasant awakenings stopped straight away. I did eventually move back into the room and didn't have any repeat episodes, but I was on a roll for a while there.

But I digress!


  1. i saw a ghost two weeks ago.
    I told Nat, he said:

    Was it a ghost of a teenage girl with her hair down one side of her face? If you were in England it would've been a Regency era bearded man with his own head under his arm.

    Who ya gonna call? David Essex!!??!!

  2. Was the haunted flat the one in Mt Vic across the street from the masturbator? Cuz if it was that house and with that view, I understand why you felt haunted......haunted by shame for being compelled to look!

  3. Nah, it was the Mount Cook house, on Howard St, when I was around the corner from Jenny.