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Friday, June 06, 2008

Did You Ever...

Fall so far behind on something that it was just silly? But anyhow, the day before the day before yesterday I:

- Had the day off, as I’m working this Saturday.

- Spent time sorting the details of mum’s flight over for the wedding. Almost there with it, just a couple of details to iron out and then it’s time to fork over the moolah.

- Got out and about. Had a very nice eggs benedict for lunch at a cafe near Angel, then decided I would go down to Liverpool Street to do my writing for the day. Hadn’t been down there in a while, and I certainly hadn’t spent any time sitting there in a while. So I sat in the Nero there and did my writing, read my book and just generally sat and people-watched, which I don’t do nearly often enough these days.

- Got home, had a bath, made dinner, played TF2.

- Worked on wedding stuff with Alex.

- More TF2. Then to bed, to read, to sleep.

- No dreams. Not sure what it means.

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