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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 01/06/08

Tomorrow I'm working from home! But yesterday I:

- Went to John Lewis to work on our wedding gift loist. Quite exciting, wandering about JL with a little barcode-scanning pocket PC building a wish list. It was quite tough actually, as there are a lot of things associated with a traditional gift list that we just don’t need. Rest assured though (as I’m sure you will) that we managed to find some things to our liking. Still some work to do, but we can probably do it all online from here. For curious parties: our list will go live with John Lewis on the 20th June.

- Was tortured by indecision in the HMV box set sale by the choice of the Kubrick Collection for £35, or the Hammer Box (21 films!) for £40. Wound up buying neither as I badly want both. Next pay I might just have to treat myself.

- I did, however, buy the region 1 Val Lewton collection which should hopefully be making its way to me soon. I was also excited to discover Muppets Season 3 is on the way.

- Went home and Alex flaked out (the result of an all-nighter) while I puttered about on the PC.

- After Alex woke we wandered down to get stuff for dinner, then settled in for the evening. Saw some of Britain’s Got Talent. How ridiculous was that 12 year-old girl’s voice? So incredibly resonant! Anyway, of greater import is that we watched The Bank Job, which was just fantastic. I highly recommend it as a great example of what a British crime film should be (though it is directed by Kiwi Roger Donaldson) rather than just another well ‘ard pose fest.

- More Team Fortress. Really started to wrap my head around the Demoman class. Went to bed feeling strangely aggressive.

- Dreamt of fire and the end of all things. Not sure what it means.

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