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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 26/06/08

So tired....can't think well...yesterday I:

- Worked. Spent some time on the delivery, but mostly did other stuff, like building a list of people for Josh to speak to at San Diego, fleshing out my library supply Big Picture(tm) and some other stuff that I don't actually remember. I was busy though, so I guess I was doing something worthwhile.

- Played Professor Layton's Curious Village at lunch. Puzzle-solving fun!

- Went for some food with everyone to Silva's, a fatty unfriendly establishment around the corner from work. Nice people, but god help you squeezing behind their tables if you have a gut. Take your belly-wheel elsewhere, my rotund brothers and sisters. Well, that, or lose weight and give in to THE MAN! And heart disease.

- Looked admiringly at my side-burns. My hair doesn't get this long very often and my sideburns are taking on a pleasantly plump aspect, like some gentleman of old.

- Got home to discover that someone had tried to break into our flat during the day. Our upstairs neighbour had seen the guy lurking about and had scared him off. He then pursued him up the road and got the cops onto him, who actually got him. Nice work gangbusters! And thank YOU, Islington burglar, for making my life a bit more stressful. Though actually, a browse through the Met's crime statistics yields some interesting results that a panic happy media don't want you to know. For example, knife crime in the London Metropolitan area for the last 12 months? Down by 13.7%. Okay, as a former criminology major I shouldn't be touting stats blind, particularly from a source as partisan as the Metropolitan Police, but at least it helps to give some perspective.

- Called mum, who is very excited to be coming to the wedding.

- Read some comics, including Final Crisis #2 (much better than #1, which I was quite happy with anyway), Pigeons From Hell #3 (Joe Lansdale adapts and improvises on ReH) and BPRD : The Ectoplasmic Man (bloody great, and drawn by New Zealand's own Ben Stenbeck). Plus a bunch of others that were firmly in the "flick through for work" category. Still got some goodies to get through from the week, though.

- Hit the sack a bit too late.

- Dreamt I was in a magical forest, on a path lined with pretty yellow flowers. Birds sang in the trees above the path and the sun dappled the earth, lighting and guiding my way towards granny's house. But off the path lurked something menacing and indefinable. A darkness moved within the shadowed places between the trees, stalking my every move. A shapeless mass, whispering softly of threatened violations. Walking quickly, I ignored the thing which lay at the periphery of my vision, but granny's house was still far off and night was beginning to fall. Not sure what it means.

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