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Monday, June 02, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 02/05/08

It's 8.20-ish in the AM, and yesterday I:

- Worked. Spent the morning filing s/o comics, then in the afternoon did various bits and bobs, including finishing the Southwark order, replying to OK Comics regarding manga advice and worked on ComTrac for Windows. Also, spoke to Barry re: ComTrac stuff. Exciting!

- Treated myself to Wagamama for lunch. Mmm...

- On the way home I developed a craving for fish finger sandwiches, so that's what we wound up having for dinner. Haven't had them in bloody years and boy did they taste good! This is the joy of adulthood that I always dreamed of.

- TF2. Got my best kill score as a Pyro.


- Watched the last Pushing Daisies of the season. I really enjoyed it. I guess the secret to appreciating the show is to leave a decent gap between each episode.

- Read for a bit. Hit the sack.

- Dreamt I stood on the field of battle, drenched in the blood of my enemies. All around me their corpses stood, pointing at me, laughing. Not sure what it means.


  1. Agreed on Pushing Daisies. I expect I'd have enjoyed it just fine as a weekly show, but staggering them to like every two or three weeks made them more of a treat.

    I'm detecting a pattern to your dreams. Don't know what it means!

  2. Barry8:00 pm

    Battle-field of Dreams (Ouch), perhaps all your enemies were dying from something in their blood thus the last laugh's on you.

    And FISH FINGER sarnies are to die for, I'm no cook but I LOVE fish finger sarnies, especially Birds-Eye's in Batter as opposed to bread crumbs.

    And then a slice of Processed Cheese really sets them off too.......hungry now.

    Mucked around with DBU but got nowhere really fast, forgotten how to use the bloody thing.