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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 28/06/08

Saturday, it's a Saturday. But yesterday I:

- Got up late-ish and deliberated endlessly about what I was going to do.

- Went down to Angel to write, pick up a couple of frames for my Guera pieces and have some lunch. Didn't take my bank card. Luckily I had enough money for lunch, but I had to head back home to get my card which, it turns out, was hidden away in my wallet all along! Oh how I laughed!

- Got a frame for the smaller Guera, but the large one is an awkward bloody size.

- Bought a copy of the original Cape Fear boxed with the Scorsese one in the HMV sale. Got home and realised that I already owned the Scorsese. Time for a moritorium on DVD purchasing I think. Though I would like that region one Mist...

- Met Alex down near Angel and headed to Farringdon to meet her folks. Went to dinner at Kolossi, a Cypriot joint in Exmouth Market. Excellent, copious food and great service. The place is run by these old guys who are real characters, joining in conversations and occasionally just wandering past the table to check how we're getting on and shouting "Excellent! Wonderful!"

- Jumped a bus down to the Southbank for Matt's birthday drinks at Namco Station. Was impressed, as I always am when I see it up close, by the London Eye. It really is a nicely done modern tourist attraction. Anyway, drinks were nice, though I didn't get to catch up with everyone, but I had a good time. Though I was horrified to discover that for pool at Namco they charge 20p/minute! How do they get away with that? £12 for an hour of pool?

- On our way home, Doug, Nat and I popped into a self-conciously arty bar called Concrete and had a nice final round before heading for the bus over Waterloo Bridge. Got home about 2 and clumsily bumped around the flat, waking up Alex. Collapsed into bed and went to sleep.

- Dreamt that my head was full of bread and nails, a mixture of stupifying mug-headedness and piercing agony. My throat had been surgically scraped with a wood rasp and my stomach was a churning sea of bile and booze. Woke up to discover it was all true. Know exactly what it means.

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  1. Thats the problem with the HMV sale, its just too tempting