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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 25/06/08

So much for normal service. Anyway, the day before yesterday, I:

- Woke up in Brighton, where Alex and I had been for the previous day and a half. Felt quite sprightly, though our hotel room was like an oven once the sun started to gain some strength. By 8.30 I just couldn’t lie in anymore, so we got ourselves ready and checked out at about 10.

- Got some breakfast on the waterfront, then went for a wander down the pier, reading the heritage trail signs as we did. We decided we should do at least one ride, so we went on the log flume which was a good laugh. Then went for one last beer on the pier before heading for the train station via a few shops.

- Caught up on my web stuff, cleared my inbox and played some TF2. It’s weird when you play on a server populated by a bunch of mic-ed guys who obviously play together a lot. In-jokes abound (some German guy kept singing “I want La-La-La-La-Lana”) and the friendly nature of it all makes you feel like some kind of interloper. Good fun though.

- As I mentioned yesterday, I got the DS Cooking Guide, which is fantastic! Hundreds of recipes, video instructions, shopping list and meal planner and all kinds of other options. The funniest thing is, appeasing the gamers, you can actually unlock recipes by doing others. Ridiculous, really, but still a fun feature.

- Speaking of DS, on the train home from Brighton I started playing Professor Layton’s Curious Village, a puzzle-solving game which is seriously addictive, though it suffers from the “I’m tired of reading, get on with it” style of Japanese gaming. Though I suppose you could also categorise it as the “developed storyline to draw you in” style. For my part, it depends on my mood.

- Read some more of my book, watched the latest Venture Brothers (I must buy them on DVD) and went to sleep.

- Dreamt I was slow-roasting on a spit above a campfire. All around me danced the twisted visages of deformed old men dressed in scout uniforms. Fat bubbled beneath my skin as the flames licked my back and the more I screamed the louder they laughed. Nearby a satyr sat upon a large, black rock, playing a devilish jig on an elaborate set of pipes. Not sure what it means.

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