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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 03/06/08

It's raining and I have a headache. But yesterday I:

- Worked from home, which is a decidedly strange experience. I was editing the Kevin O'Neill interview we shot the other week, which has come out okay, despite just using the onboard mike. A bit quiet with some background noise, but we weren't exactly working in a studio. I haven't edited anything in at least two years and I had forgotten how long it takes to get stuff done. Still, I have largely finished cuts of short interviews about Nemesis, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Marshal Law. I still have to put together two more about art and the history of the British comics scene which didn't play quite as discretely in the interview as we had anticipated, so a bit of work to do there. I do like working in my pyjamas though!

- Stir-fry for dinner, then we worked on wedding stuff, dealing with replies, following up non-replies and so on.

- Hit the sack and read my book.

- Dreamt I was in a stable, shovelling horse manure. No matter how much I shovelled away, I never seemed to making any progress. In fact, the level of manure became deeper and deeper, until I was trapped, unable to move. Struggling in vain to free myself, I was helpless as the manure rose above my head, suffocating me. Not sure what it means.


  1. wooser3:40 pm

    From the words of a shrink: The dream means you're full of shit :D

  2. When you dream about horses it means good luck.

    or is that donkeys?