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Monday, June 23, 2008

Transmission problems....

Oops. Pardon the recent slackness, regular service will be resumed tomorrow. In the meantime, let's just say I've worked, done dinner with the in-laws, had a fairly productive day off, taken Alex away to Brighton for a long weekend (where I've picked up a pretty wicked sunburn), gotten an amazing cookery guide for the DS and finished reading Y the Last Man (tearjerker!).

Oh, I also watched The Ruins, which I was halfway through the audiobook of, so not the smartest move, but certainly an entertaining one. Good little horror with some wince-inducing gore. The question now is: do I finish the book? I guess I should, as right from the start there are significant differences, and I'm sure the audiobook experience will give it more depth. Plus, y'know, a horror story about killer vines is perfect walking to work material.

In additional news: remember the Scalped art I bought? The original art for the bookplate done for us by RM Guera was nice enough:

But then he threw in this little beauty to boot!

Nice, huh?


  1. bazzer10:00 pm


    Irony, I love Irony.

    You took your soon to be missus to Brighton and got a wicked Tan, I took my Missus of 27 years to the Ibiza version of Brighton and got a wicked Tan.

    We made friends with a German Couple in the last few days of our Hols, she was a house wife and he worked in the German Courts, how weird is that?

  2. That really is your German twins.