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Friday, June 06, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 06/06/08

I'm going to go get breakfast by Clissold Park. But the day before yesterday I:

- Worked, but kept out of the delivery. It works very well in terms of getting other things done, but I do feel a little disadvantaged in terms of knowing what has actually come in.

- Finished a little early and went with Dana to Moss Bros in Covent Garden to organise my wedding suit. It was quick and painless, which is ideal when it comes to me and suits.

- Then off to Kentish Town, where Alex and I saw the Guillemots, who were great live. Largely staying away from the slower material, it was a fun, upbeat gig. On the one real quiet treatment of a track, however, I was struck by how much I hate London audiences at popular indie acts. Everybody just blabs away, oblivious to the music or the enjoyment of those around them. But then I shouldn't be surprised that a gig in London by a "hot" band would be full of selfish, big-mouthed cunts. I think it particularly stood out this time because I've been doing more metal gigs lately and the audiences there are slightly more enthusiastic. Anyway, the band were great and I still enjoyed myself, so thanks to Alex, who got the tickets as an anniversary pressie for me.

- No dreams. Not sure what it means.

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