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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 29/06/08

Mekon Andrew! Yesterday he:

- Woke up feeling like a family of rats were having a domestic in my head. My stomach was no picnic either. I guess not all red wines are created equal.

- Cleaned that kitchen while Alex was out with her mum.

- Played some TF2, which I’m still enjoying, but is starting to lose some of its lustre.

- Went out with Alex over to Dalston. Was headed to the Matalan there to get some clothes, but the place was rammed, so we just browsed about then went to Sainsburys for dinner stuff. After that, my Saturday Afternoon Dalston High Street Tolerance was at an end so it was time to get out of Dodge. Went by Leyland and picked up some nuclear strength drain cleaner. The kind that comes in a plain box with “Sulphuric Acid” warnings on the side.

- Got home, went to switch on my PC and....nothing. No signs of life at all. All I was getting, upon unplugging, replugging and button pressing, was a brief sign of life in my external drive, a flash of light on the power and HDD indictors and then nothing at all. I played around with it for a bit, then just as I was about give up it decided to work. That wasn’t then end of it either. Later in the evening, restarting after an install, it seemed to disable the graphics card drivers and generally run veeerrryyy slooooow. Okay, so the afternoon’s wackiness wasn’t just a one-off. Something’s up. I shut down and then....nothing. Back to that again. So once again I played around for a while and once again it miraculously, for no obvious reason, started up. It’s still running now, but I’m going to take a proper look tonight. I’m thinking it’s a problem with the power supply, but I guess it could be something fritzed on the motherboard. Anyway, it did spur me into doing that proper back-up I’ve been meaning to do for a while now...

- Finished off working on the gift list which we’ll post a link to on the wedding website tomorrow.

- Watched some Glastonbury coverage. I do want to go to one of the big festivals before I leave this country. Of course my real preference would be Download, but Glastonbury would be an experience I guess. Alex is talking about going for her birthday next year, so maybe then.

- Watched the pilot episode of The Middleman, a new tv series based on a comic that I rather like. I enjoyed it, and it’s certainly faithful to the comic (as it should be, adapted by the comic’s creator), but I’m not sure it’s good enough for me to keep up with. It suffers, like Reaper, under my “Thou Shalt Not Waste Any More Time on ‘Decent’, ‘Okay’ or ‘Alright’ Television” commandment. Unless of course it’s something I watch with Alex, in which case it coes under the “Thou Shalt Make An Effort To Share Entertainments With Thine Partner” commandment (as laid out by the mighty Thor). I still have 4 seasons of The Wire to watch, after all, and I’m intrigued by the buzz on Mad Men. Not to mention the backlog of films, comics and books I have. Also, there’s this whole “creative ambitions” malarky I really need to spend some time on.

- Read for a while then hit the hay.

- Dreamt I was walking down a hill in high winds pushing a pram. Suddenly, as though possessing its own will, the pram twisted from my grip and began to plummet toward the bottom of the hill. I screamed out for someone to help, but there was no one near enough and my baby continued careening down the steep hill toward the busy street at the bottom. As a sense of terrible dread fell upon me I saw my baby’s face peering out from the runaway pram, its features a mess of circuitry and wires, small sparks, like tears, falling from its bright, shiny eyes. Not sure what it means.


  1. Hey, what a coincedence! I just did the first proper concept sketch for ADOK. The tricky bit's trying to find a design for the hover chair.

  2. Thank you Mr Crowley! Who, by the way, I should have credited for Mekon Andrew. And surely, Tom, you mean A.D.O.C.?