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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 25/06/08

Back on track, yesterday I:

- Worked. Had a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon largely dealt with library emails and going over Stockman (our stock EPOS system) with Stan.

- Showed off my DS Cooking Guide wherever possible. Generally to rolled eyes. FOOLS!

- Continued listening to the Ruins audio book. Decided I may as well carry on, though my London Biography audio collection should be arriving in the next day or so, so I might switch to that when it comes.

- Got home, had smoked haddock for dinner, which was delicious. I’m very happy to get rid of this fish, however, as the damned thing has been stinking out our freezer ever since we bought it. Seriously, even the ice cubes were smelling fishy. A day of defrosting in the fridge and now our whole bloody house smells like a fishmongers. Still, that was one tasty fish.

- Went straight into working on our wedding invites, guillotining response cards and assembling envelope, card & invite parcels for Alex to put the finishing touches on. Time consuming, monotonous work which basically took us through until midnight and it’s still not finished.

- While we worked we watched Eastenders, a Ryan Reynolds film called Chaos Theory (eh), the F Word, Big Brother and presumably something else that I can’t remember at all. Actually, we might’ve just switched to music videos. It does make me shudder when I think how much of my twenties was just spent vegging in front of the telly. I have so many more interactive ways to waste my fucking time now.

- Went to bed, not having posted my “Things I did” post, despite it being written earlier in the day. How frustrating.

- Dreamt I was trapped in a gigantic glass bowl, it’s sides slick with some kind of cloyingly scented slime. The base of the bowl was an area no larger than 10 foot square. Try as I might I couldn’t climb the slippery walls to reach the lush, verdant greenery that lay beyond the glass. Not sure what it means.

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