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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 07/06/08

Oh my aching arms. Y'see yesterday I:

- Cleared my inbox! Hooray!

- Booked mum’s flights, paying a 10% deposit. Ouch.

- Went to Clissold Park to write. Had poached egg on toast for lunch. Moving around to different places each day off is proving to be quite enjoyable.

- Went up to the Arena Shopping Park on Green Lanes to do some window shopping in Home Base. Picked up a webcam for Alex’s gran and a chest of drawers for Alex to replace her shonky canvas ones.

- Discovered that hauling 30kg of flat pack furniture home on the bus is great in theory; in practice not so much.

- Put together said drawers while watching episodes of Outrageous Fortune (NZ-made white trash comedy-drama) on DVD. I picked the first two seasons up when I was in NZ because I had heard it mentioned so often, but had barely watched any. I’m rather enjoying it.

- Mixed evening. Played some TF2 (and I was rubbish), read some comics, watched Planet of the Apes and the Commando Director’s Cut commentary (which wasn’t very good) and finally watched a few episodes of American Dad before hitting the sack.

- Dreamed of a spark of light in an inky blackness, dancing just out of reach. Not sure what it means.

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