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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 31/05/08

My desk is a total tip, and yesterday I:

- Went with Alex down to Angel at about 7.45am, where we had a coffee in advance of her job interview. She has had to reapply for her job as she went from secondment to a permanent position. They had shortlisted to 12 people, so she was a bit nervous, though she had the inside track. She got the job! I was very proud of her. This also means her pay has been put into a higher grade, making her well and truly the breadwinner!

- Went into work for an hour or so just to help JD get stuff out onto the shelves. Then sat at work and read my web stuff for the day. Meandered home.

- Had a very lazy day, which I kind of gave myself permission to do. So I really did nothing other than faff about. Read some comics, watched some stuff. Watched Jumper in the evening. Load of rubbish. Also watched Signal, a low budget horror I had heard a bit about which seemed to get some good word. Well, most of that word was wrong. It's divided into three acts, each one written and directed by a different guy, and it really suffers from a lack of cohesive tone. First act is the best, the other two bring in a rather ineffective comedy tone.

- Played a whole lot of Team Fortress 2. Found myself in a sniper duel with some guy from Russia. He kicked my ass, like about 6 kills to my 1.

- Dreamt I sat in a black room with a white table, waiting for someone, though I'm not sure who. Not sure what it means.

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  1. Barry7:45 pm

    Congratulations to Alex on becoming the Breadwinner, house husbandry might be just around the corner for Andy.

    Steam gave Team Fortress away free for a weekend and I indulged for quite a lot of that time, I too got my ass kicked but what a good looking game it is. (I'll give it a while and they may offer it real cheap on one of thier weekend promo's)

    I'll give those films a miss then although I quite fancied Jumper, maybe one day on DVD if I can't find anything else to watch.

    On the subject of the Dream - recurring?