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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 25/05/08

It's raining today, but the day before yesterday I:

- Woke up, satisfied with my solution to The Honeymoon Dilemma. It was kind of like The Da Vinci Code, only with more albino monks. Decided that, although Friday had been reserved as a day to do "me" stuff, I would spend the morning sorting out what to do for Alex's birthday.

- Realised at 2pm that I had not eaten or had a cup of coffee yet. I was slightly light-headed. Got up to put the jug on and sat down to carry on with searching for options to go away for the weekend before her birthday.

- Realised at 4pm that I hadn't made that coffee. Decided I should get out of the house and pick up some stuff for lunch and dinner. Went to Tesco's at Angel and got stuff.

- Got home and had a coffee. Ahh, coffee. With added clarity and sharpness given by sweet, sweet coffee I went from decision-making zero to sixty in about 30 minutes. Food probably didn't hurt either. Booked some stuff.

- Did the dishes.

- Watched new Peep Show episodes, the latest BSG and Hostel. I hadn't ever seen Hostel before and I have to say that I rather enjoyed it. It benefits from the fact that its bad guys are truly despicable. I was also thrilled to note that although it was set in Slovakia, the exteriors were largely shot in Cesky Krumlov: a beautiful, UNESCO-protected town in the southern Czech Republic where I stayed for a couple of nights back in 2002 or so. Great place, where I witnessed an hilarious falling out of two Californian girls who hadn't seen each other in years and had reunited to tour around Europe together. "But then I never was good enough for you, was I Britney?" Brilliant. Also, was drinking with these three guys from the US, including one thirty-something dot-com millionaire who would ask questions of strange women while shoving a video camera in their faces. He was creepy, in an American Psycho kind of fashion.

- Watched a documentary about production maestro Val Lewton. Whenever I see one of these documentaries it really brings home how much great classic cinema there is out there that I've never seen. From Lewton, for example, I've never seen The 7th Victim, I Walked With a Zombie or any of the films he did with Karloff. So much to see and so little time!

- Slept. Dreamt I was a cowboy, riding a bony horse across an arid plain. Ahead of me shimmered a cool, green oasis, but the closer I rode the further away it seemed. In frustration I went to shoot my gun into the air, but was only answered by the dull clicking of duds. Not sure what it means.

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  1. wooser3:53 am

    Shrink says: it's obvious. You're afraid to shoot duds.