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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 03/05/08

Great googly-moogly! Yesterday I:

- Felt bloody awful. I had a hangover that ranged from vomiting and headaches in the morning, to a bone-tired weariness in the afternoon.
- Swore off drink.
- Had Marianna over for lunch, which was very nice. Not sure what kind of company we were though!
- Popped down to John Lewis to start looking at stuff for the wedding gift list. Discovered we can do one of those cool wanders with a scanner to build it. Decided to carry on another day when things weren't quite so busy.
- Dropped in to say goodbye to Ossie, who's off up country for a while to live the Good Life.
- Went home, kissed Alex goodbye as she went off for the weekend with Debs, collapsed on the couch.
- Remained in one spot for the evening, watching stuff, including the frankly disappointing Diary of the Dead.
- Went to bed fairly early, and was happy to do so.

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