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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 17/05/08

Back still bad. GRAAARGH! This is what it means to get older, isn't it? Slow recovery from pains you don't remember doing anything to warrant. Ah well, enough looking to the future; yesterday I:

- Got up early to get things done. I wanted to get all my normal stuff out of the way quickly so I could move onto sorting our honeymoon.

- Got a bunch of replies from the wedding email, which is exciting.

- Undertook a mission to get our honeymoon booked. Which proved to be rather difficult. The whole job has been made harder by the fact we're only booking 2 1/2 months ahead for the early August peak season. Needless to say, all the best villas in all the nicest places are long gone. So, after hours of fruitless searching I had only found one place which has been confirmed by the owner as available. But upon reflection it's not really as nice as I would like, but rather had been enquired about simply because I had been running out of options. So I'm had to rethink. I then began to search for options based on a slightly broader mandate than "villa by the sea with pool". Which is fine, except as 6pm rolled around and I was no closer to finding anything, it began to dawn on me that I don't actually know what I want our honeymoon to be. It's a once in a lifetime holiday and as such I want it to really feel special. A beautiful villa in a scenic spot, preferably near the sea, with somewhere of historical interest nearby would have been perfect. But for want of that, I'm not sure. 5-star hotel somewhere? Cruise? And how far do we want to travel? And do I want to fly? I tell ya, things are tough all over, eh?

- Popped out to buy a new drying rack. Splashed out a little for one from Robert Dyas. Because you're worth it. Actually, it's great; nice and strong and damn near as tall as I am.

- Dipped back into the World at War series, which I was slowly working through a few months back but kind of fell away from. Last night was U-Boats. The producer of the series actually does a little spiel at the beginning, apologising for the lack of actual footage in the episode and their subsequent use of more diagrams and interviews than usual, not to mention adding movement to still images to make them more exciting. Shocking!

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