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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 07/05/08

Bleedin' 'eck! The day before yesterday I@

- Woke up feeling quite tired. Forgot to shave. Also, it must be said, my morning writing kept taking maudlin left turns. I think maybe I need a good night’s sleep.

- Worked. Had a meeting with Josh about the future of the store and how we’re going to tackle the downturn in retail. Not as negative as that might seem.

- Went for a quick drink with Doug, Nat & Tom, which was very pleasant. Didn’t do my course book work, which was not so good. But it was the long weekend, so I’ll do it tonight.

- Went for dinner with Alex at a pub nearby we had never been to. I had the pork roast, Alex had the chicken and leek pie. Very nice, and the place had a good atmosphere. Will go again.

- Had a migraine. Awesome. Went to bed before the headache hit.

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