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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 20/05/08

From beyond, yesterday I:

- Forgot my bloody ipod for the walk into work. On the one hand I do find it gives me an added clarity of thought when I don’t have any music on as I walk, but on the other it makes the walk seem like a neverending schlep.

- Worked. More ComTrac. Finished working my way through the manual so now I have to start putting it through its paces. Meanwhile I’m keenly aware of other things not getting done.

- Walked about halfway home then got on a bus as it pulled up to the stop as I walked past. You say lazy, I say serendipity.

- As a complete aside, I’m sitting in a cafe writing this and there’s what would seem to be a torch-singing of Gangster’s Paradise on the stereo.

- Had roast lamb for dinner. Sweet, sweet lamb; so cute in the field and so delicious in my stomach. If nature created anything else so perfect, I sure don’t know about it.

- A nameless guilt quivered in my gut, like a lamb gambolling in a spring field. Not sure why.

- More bloody honeymoon stuff! Still, actually made some progress last night. Booked the travel so I’m committed on that front now, forcing me to focus my searches a little tighter. It feels good to actually make some kind of firm decision about it and although it’s not necessarily what I would have originally wanted, I’m still pretty happy with how it’s going. It is funny, but the joy of this holiday is that I feel completely justified splashing out in a way I would never do on a normal holiday. Not quite as much as, for example, the 5-star transatlantic cruise I looked at would have cost me, but significantly more than a normal week away.

- Dreamt I was the king of a foreign, distant land. A gigantic, sweet-smelling orchid was marauding through the streets of my capital city, destroying all in its path. In their desperation my people turned to me, but I had no answers. I was powerless. Not sure what it means.


  1. - Today I watched a lamb gambolling in a spring field. It was playing with a piglet. The pigs are on the other side of a fence but the piglets are small enough to get through the wire to play with the lambs.

    It looked pretty tasty. Like a mixed grill on legs.

  2. Barry6:47 pm

    Came home to a delicious roast beef dinner, can feel the onset of a nap coming on, checked your blog and you're all talking about yummy dinners, weird.

    You've got lots on your plate (work I mean) but I'm interested in your views on Comtrac for Windows, have they completely rebuilt it as the last version I saw was lacking in so many ways.

    I watched the Station Agent last night and if you haven't seen this gem then I suggest you track it down.

    Can't lie, very jealous of people who dream as often as you seem to, and in a spectacularly surreal way too. Haven't remembered or noticed a dream for so long now I'm beginning to wonder if I sleep properly anymore, might explain why I'm so knackered all the time.

  3. Mmm...mixed grill.

    I'll chat with you about CTWIN when I speak to you next Barry! But they have rebuilt it from scratch and in theory it looks good. Play-testing starts in earnest next week.

    Station Agent is great!