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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 28/05/08

Right now I'm busting to go to the loo, but yesterday I:

- Booked Bruce’s tickets to see Tom Waits in Dublin. Quite a painful experience! Still, I’ve reconciled myself to not going now. Not the end of the world, and who knows, he may come again. Got Bruce some good seats though: Block A, Row D.

- Found out that my mother may well be coming to the wedding after all! It’s fantastic, but suddenly the stress of getting her here – considering she has never flown in her life – has hit home. Still, it’ll be lovely to have her here.

- Worked. Made a foolish error on ComTrac which stopped me working on it most of the day while I waited on support to reply from the States. When they did, I realised exactly what I had done and felt a bit silly. Worked on library stuff instead.

- Travelled with Nat to London Bridge, but we got on the wrong bus and wound up at Waterloo. Really not a sharp day.

- Met Alex and then we went to drinks for Mr Reddiex at the pub formerly known as the Elusive Camel, down by Tower Bridge. Nice to see Darren, although the jetlag was taking hold of him good and proper by the end of the night. That, and the alcohol.

- Got quite pissed, grabbed a shish on the way home, fell asleep.

- Dreamt I was gently floating on a tractor tyre inner-tube in the centre of a huge swimming pool. The sun shone down from a deep blue sky. Exotic birds sung lilting tunes from nearby trees. The water of the pool lapped against the side of the tube with a gentle splishing sound and in the distance someone was mowing their lawn. I was incredibly happy. Not sure what it means.

1 comment:

  1. Barry6:17 pm

    Sounds like a normal day except, where do you get these dreams, and remember them all so well, are you making them up and when completed will pull them all together as the greatest unpublished novel?

    Can be a real yawn waiting for a response from Mel Thompson I know, I normally found out just what had gone wrong just before he replied...natch.