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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 28/05/08

My keyboard is running out of batteries, but yesterday I:

- Took a bus to work to avoid the constant rain. Hello summer!

- Worked. It was very slow to start. So slow in fact that we made a bet on what we would take. Nat won by virtue of having the highest estimate, as we did a lot better than any of us thought. But that’s the thrills and spills of retail!

- Took the camera home so I can edit the Kevin O’Neill interview stuff.

- Alex made tacos for dinner. Mmm...

- Faffed about on the computer. Played some TF2, did a little writing. Read my book and crashed.

- Dreamt I was leading a troupe of elephants through an Indian jungle. Our pace began to slacken, the lead elephants working hard to continue their progress through the thick foliage. Walking back down the line, I was confronted with an abattoir. The elephants near the end of the line were dying, their flesh sloughing from their bodies in great, bloody chunks. Worse, whatever was doing this was quickly moving up the line, killing one elephant after another. Racing to the front of the, I desperately tried to unleash the lead elephant, but I was too late. As I looked into its great, trusting eyes, half of its face slid away from its skull. I fell to the ground, tears streaming down my face, surrounded by the rotting flesh of all that was dear to me. Not sure what it means.

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