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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things I Did Yesteday 07/05/08

I hope you enjoyed my new feature "What I Did the Day Before Yesterday". We may see more of that in the future if it's popular enough, but yesterday I:

- Had my morning coffee in Russell Square for the first time in a very long time. Same old shit cafe, but it was really nice to sit in that place again. I do love that park, simply because it has a lot of nice associations for me. Even the terrible coffee is like a comfort blanket. I think I’ll go again every now and then. It’s a nice place to have a pre-work coffee in the summer.

- Worked. Had a meeting with Josh and Nat about stock control. Called the States to sort out COMTRAC for Windows stuff. Called some libraries.

- Had lunch with Dana, who had some rather cool news.

- Did my course work rather hurriedly. I’ll need to sit down again in the next couple of days to actually work out a timetable for the ever-decreasing week.

- Worked with Alex on a jigsaw puzzle, which was rather good fun, though I secretly hankered to watch Bava’s Black Sabbath. But in the end it was an entertaining choice.

- Went to bed at about 9.30! I don’t know why I’m so shattered lately, but I read for about half an hour then flaked out.


  1. Barry6:06 pm

    I remember days like that, especially the bit about Russell Square and pre-work chats.

    Really enjoying the What I did so if you're taking votes........

    See you soon

  2. Barry6:58 pm

    Barry's a Div, didn't spot the "Day Before" blog until after I commented on the the first.

    Oops, I'll try to be more attentive in the future, either way I like getting worn out just reading what you (often) pack into a day.

  3. Yeah this is strangely compelling. I may do the same on my blog.

    Today I mostly dug and weeded one measly row for planting. It took for bloody ever though and I burnt myself up in the sun. Sweet.

    I under cooked the rice and overcooked the chicken. Sheeit.

    I didn't manage to get a good focus on the eagles with my binoculars, maybe tomorrow...

  4. As narcissistic as it feels to do these, I actually really enjoy it. It's a nice exercise for myself to actually think about what I've done the day before and it's also very nice to be updating my blog on a daily basis.