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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 25/05/08

Today I am a man, but yesterday I:

- Got up early to pack a bag. Alex and I had planned to rise early and get to the flower market in Vauxhall for the purposes of scouting wedding flowers. But little did Alex know I had actually booked an apartment for us to stay in that night in the Docklands (saw a great last-minute deal while searching for accommodation options). So I was busy shoving clothes and the like into a bag while she still slept.

- Went to the flower market, but got there a little later than we would have liked. It runs from 4am to 10am on a Saturday and we didn't arrive until about 9.15, so most dealers had already packed up. There was still plenty to see, however, and it was a really nice way to start the day.

- From there we went to West India Quay to go and see Indiana Jones. I really liked it as a cinema flick and actually preferred it to the Last Crusade, which I was never really enamoured of. Just fun, escapist fluff, although the final scenes felt somewhat anti-climatic. I was quite surprised by how little I was aware of Ford's age. Apart from his scenes in civvies at the start, he didn't feel too old at all. So, all told, a good piece of entertainment. Apart from the Tarzan act. That shit was just too much.

- Had a pub lunch then went to our apartment near Canary Wharf, which Alex was duly surprised about. The plan was thus: buy junk food, get DVDs, veg out.

- Went to a nearby pub (The City Pride, a nice pub with a massive garden bar and huge balcony; I recommend it) and played some pool. Then went on a shopping trip. Hit the king-sized Asda out that way and stocked up on food, clothes (George is too cheap to resist) and cheap DVDs. And that's how I wound up watching Sahara while eating chicken, sun-dried tomato and olives.

- Ate too much. Felt ill. Went to sleep.

- Dreamt I was the Sultan of a powerful empire. I was riding through an endless desert on a dromedary camel when its feet became stuck in a pit of soft sand. Panicking, the camel thrashed about, pulling itself deeper and deeper into the sucking void beneath the sand. I leapt to safety nearby and lay helplessly, watching my faithful steed sink to its death. Momentarily relieved, it soon dawned on me that I was now abandoned in the desert. I had escaped the quicksand but now I was doomed to die alone in the wasteland, once a man of power but now naught but a Sultan of sand. Not sure what it means.

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