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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What I Did the Day Before Yesterday 06/05/08

Oh hell, the day before yesterday I:

- Worked, mainly handling emails, finalising the calendar for July & August and setting up our upcoming lending library.

- Had kievs and salad for dinner.

- Watched Mario Bava’s Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan), which I’ve never seen before. Absolutely loved it. It’s a masterfully made gothic horror of revenge and witchcraft which, despite some sequences not having aged too well, is steeped in atmospheric layers of mist and shadow. It’s a beauty to behold. It really is a shame that Bava isn’t recognised more widely for his talent and influence. Thanks to Mr Kane for the loan of his DVD, and I’m looking forward to watching Black Sabbath and Blood & Black Lace, which I have also borrowed. To think that Will Kane is lending me horror films!

- Watched another Peep Show episode then hit the sack.

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