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Friday, May 09, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 09/05/08

In the new flush of summer, yesterday I:

- Worked on our wedding website. It's a hosted job, but it's very simple to use and saves me a lot of work. But even filling out the information on it takes forever. Anyway, more on that when it's ready for public consumption.

- Popped out to swing by work. Had another person give me grief for my Spider-Man t-shirt. This thing is going in the bin.

- Picked up the weeks comics. Not a bad haul, but not one that really excited me.

- Put the new hard drive into Nat's PC. Installed windows, etc.

- Watched Starting Out in the Evening, a nice, thoughtful drama with Frank Langella. Not amazing, but still the kind of film that puts you in a contemplative mood.

- Watched the natural companion piece to SOitE: Mario Bava's Black Sabbath. Three tales of terror, introduced by - and in one case starring - Boris Karloff. Quite different from one another too; the first is all a bit giallo, the second is a gothic, theatrical piece in the vein of Black Sunday, and the final one is more in the style of the Amicus anthology stories. Dated, to be sure, but Bava really was a genius.

- Actually managed to read my book for the first time in bloody ages.

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