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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 08/05/08

Back on the chain gang, yesterday I:

- Went to a different cafe in the morning; one on Store Street. Sat outside and wrote about what I saw, mostly, which I always find to be a good exercise.

- Worked. Spent most of the day beginning to wrap my head around COMTRAC for Windows. COMTRAC is the software we use to track orders, subscriptions and sales cycles on new comics. We're still using the DOS version but have been having more and more problems with it every time we upgrade our PCs. Barry had tried out the old version and found it to be just too flawed, but they've since re-written it from scratch, so I'm testing it out now. Just working my way through the manual at the moment, but there are already niggling problems where intended features haven't been finished or correctly implemented. Well, the important thing is that it does what we need. The jury is out.

- Went to see Nick Cave and the Hammersmith Apollo. Great gig, though not as riveting as the last time I saw him. He did crank out some great oldies though, including "Tupelo", "Papa Won't Leave You Henry" and "Wanted Man". Had a great spot for the first half of the gig, but had to go to the toilet and there was no way I was getting anywhere near the front again. The place was rammed.

- Took the long way home, as the bloody Victoria line wasn't running.


  1. Anonymous9:00 am

    just curious about the Nick Cave gig-- what time did it end? i'm going tomorrow- glad to hear he's playing some of the oldies.

  2. He did a solid 2 hour set, including two encores. Had Barry Adamson as support from 7.45-8.15, then Cave came on at 8.45. For the most part he was alternating old and new. He had a few technical problems which derailed things at times, but on the whole it was pretty grand.

  3. duckie9:54 am

    I found the gig very disappointing - the band were off and unbelievably loose, the arrangements dull, the rock monster sludge all encompassing. The worst Cave performance I've seen. Bring back the grand piano!

  4. when a train is one minute late in Japan you start to wonder what is going on. there`s a ticket you can get to prove your train was late called a Shumeesho, usually it`s beacause of `jumpers.` I do play hangman in the school where I work but I don`t call it hangman and I don`t draw a hanged man. I `disappear` a man until he is just a hat.
    then something else but I can`t remember because I am drunk on someone`s moonshine plum sake. Bye.


  6. Jon goes sake mad...

    duckie, I agree the band were quite loose, but I think that's in keeping with the latest album. I also suspect Grinderman has encouraged a looser live performance. There were a couple of proper screw-ups on the way, Deanna being notable in that regard, but on the whole I think the looser sound is something they wanted. Warren Ellis' influence, I reckon.