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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 21/05/08

Arrgh! Tom Waits isn't playing London! But he is playing Edinburgh. Four days before the wedding! I sense heated discussions coming. But yesterday I:

- Worked. Quite a nice day, actually, as a good part of it was taken up with filming an interview with Kevin O’Neill which is going to be posted to our shop blog. So that was nice. He’s a great interview subject, particularly given our lack of incisive journalistic skill, so he had some really interesting things to say. He was a major figure during a period of British comics that really helped shape my taste. The importance of 2000AD to Commonwealth comics readers of my generation can’t be overstated, and O’Neill was right there at the coal-face with Pat Mills, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Mike McMahon and others. Not to mention his current role in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A proper highlight and the kind of thing that reminds me that I do still love comics.

- During a broken up lunch hour I looked for hotels. No joy.

- Met Alex on the way home for a cheeky pint at the Wellington, a pub around the corner from the flat.

- Went home, had dinner. Looked for hotels. No joy. Also, spent time recording email response details onto the Master Wedding Spreadsheet . These are the evenings we all dream of in our youthful, romantic mental meanderings.

- Read. Slept.

- Dreamt I was a mighty warrior, lost in the maze of an evil queen. Trapped. Pursued down narrow, twisting corridors by Amazonian maidens who gave me no rest, no respite. Cornered, I went to draw my enormous sword, but discovered to my horror that it had no blade. Not sure what it means.


  1. wooser10:16 pm

    Have you checked out Scarlett Johannson's take on Tom Waits yet? Also, from the mouth of a shrink: the dream means that you're afraid your cock is going to disappear before your wedding night!!

  2. Yeah, even I could figure that one out.

  3. I have listened to SJ's Waits. On first listen I hated it, but now my knee has settled down I've come to quite like it. Mainly for the Dave Sitek arrangements. Her voice is a bit of a dreary drone throughout, but it makes the whole thing sound a little like a murky mid-ninties indie-pop record.

  4. Dave Sitek produced it? Fuck, I might have to actually check it out. Hmm...