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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 13/05/08

Like the grim spectre of death, yesterday I:

- Was very tired. I'm amazed how much the weekend took out of me!

- Worked. Mainly spent sorting out a display of signed books we brought back from Bristol and then checking over the monthly order.

- Ate dinner, then worked on the jigsaw for a while with Alex.

- Sat on the internet, catching up.

- Watched a Pushing Daisies, which I am definitely losing interest in. Too damn quirky for its own good. That kind of thing is fine in small doses, and traditionally Bryan Fuller's shows have benefited from it. But this is like a king-sized pool of quirk, if quirk were some kind of thick sludge, and you are swimming upward as hard as you can, but you just can't reach the surface and something is grabbing your ankles, pulling you down, always down....

- Went to bed. Dreamt of puppies.


  1. i like this blog format you`ve started because i`m quite nosey. Yes conventions do leave you knackered, even that smallpress one was.

  2. whoops, I just gave away a secret blog name. that was me, Jonk.