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Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 23/05/08

I have square eyes. You know why? Because yesterday I:

- Had the day off to get wedding stuff done. Thought I'd get the honeymoon sorted once and for all. Work all morning to blitz it and then I could get onto the transport issue. It had been half-done, after all. Surely it wouldn't take long? So, did all my normal morning hooey, then at about 10am started into it.
- Suddenly realised it was 4pm. Nothing booked, and no closer to a solution than I had been when I started. Well, not entirely true. I had gone from a country-wide search to a regional one.
- Went out for a bit to get some air.
- Got home and carried on. Took a break when Alex got home. Had some dinner. Went bak to it.
- Carried on after Alex went to bed.
- Went to bed at 2am.
- Finished booking the motherfucking honeymoon! WOOHOO! Hot diggity dog, for better or worse it's done. I must admit I'm already second-guessing some decisions, but that's just me. On the whole, it's looking good. An it's done!
- Dreamt I was deep-sea diving in the Pacific. I was lost in the murky blue of the deep, when before me a giant clam appeared, opening its jaws; a perfect, shining pearl sat upon its fleshy tongue. Worried about my lack of air, I snatched for it, but it moved away from my grasp. Again I snatched, more urgent still as the air burned in my lungs, but again it shifted on the sandy sea-bed and again I missed. Finally, a dizziness stealing over me, I reached out slowly, deliberately, and this time it was able to take the pearl in my hands. But as I firmed my grip on its slippery, hypnotic surface, it turned to a thick, doughy sludge. In a panic, I flung it away and made for the surface, but I had left it too late and no matter how hard I struck toward the promise of fresh, clean air, it was not enough. Not sure what it means.


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  2. wooser7:02 pm

    ohmigod Androo...your dreams get funnier and funnier. A "clam" eh? Jesus. You know what a clam is a metaphor for. You are having more and more wedding night nightmares. It's hilarious!