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Monday, May 12, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 12/05/08

Back with a vengeance! Yesterday I:

- Did more con stuff. We wandered down just after 9, grabbing breakfast from the cafe near the con. Seriously, being stuck out at Bristol Temple Meads for the convention is a pain in the ass. No decent facilities nearby at all.

- Stood behind our table. It’s weird, working a con. You don’t really get to actually see any of it. I barely had the chance to walk the floor, let alone go to any talks. Still get to see a lot of folks though, as everyone wanders past at some point or other. Highlight of the day was meeting Walt Simonson, whose work I’ve loved for years. Louise Simonson was there too, and they were both lovely. Really nice folks.

- Packed up at about 5 when things had quietened down. All happened fairly quickly, given how much stuff we had. The car was rammed and riding pretty low, and that’s without Josh, Jill and Will in there. We sold a bit of stuff, but loaded up three large boxes from Chris Staros which was material he hadn’t sold at the show. I, thankfully, was going by train.

- Got home at about 9-ish and collapsed onto the couch. Alex had dinner ready, bless her, and we just watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. He helped a struggling restaurant reinvent itself, which was nice. Then they had a brief epilogue where it was revealed that due to outstanding debts the place had closed down 5 months later. Depressing.

- Wet to bed and watched a My Name is Earl, which was okay but, to be honest, is starting to leave me a little cold. Had a bloody awful night’s sleep.

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  1. wooser5:31 am

    I met a woman in NZ who fucked Gordon Ramsey at the Duxton. She said he was the best bonk she'd had in years. He told her (as he was leaving the hotel), that she should take whatever she wanted from the room. She politely said no, but has regretted that decision to this day....

    The moral of the story? Always take as much shit as possible from minibar and bathroom when staying at flash hotel.