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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 22/05/08

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, but yesterday I:

- Walked to work to a mix of White Zombie, Turisas, Volbeat, Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon and the Violent Femmes. Was strangely buoyant by the time I got to town. Went to Nero to write.

- Worked. New delivery day, but I'm out of the delivery now to allow work on other things. Weird, bitty day, but had a nice little buzz out of some positive feedback from Southwark libraries about our handling of their s/o. Re-upped their (substantial) order with an increase in budget. I can proudly declare that, after the past year, if you live in Southwark (particularly Peckham) you have access one of the finest library GN collections in London.

- Had lunch. Looked for hotels. No joy.

- Begged off a trip to Silva's with the boys. Came home instead and read a pile of comics. Best of the week so far? Scalped #17. Given what's left, I don't see that changing.

- Saw Tom Waits' European dates. Nothing in London, dammit, but he is playing Edinburgh, Paris and other short-flight destinations, all of which would be possibilities. But, with heavy heart, I've actually had to come to the decision that I just can't do it. His dates are all two weeks or less from our wedding (his last date, in Dublin, is actually our wedding day), so it just wouldn't be fair on Alex for me to run off for two days then. Furthermore, with the wedding, the honeymoon, a trip to Australia in March and my first student loan repayment of NZ$1500 due the end of September, I just can't justify the cost. It would have been tight enough if he played London, with tickets at £75 or £95, let alone the added costs of transport, accommodation and general expenses incurred. I've taken a philosophical attitude to it: I was incredibly lucky with his last tour here (front row on my birthday in 2004), so this just balances out. I must also remember that once upon a time I thought I would never, ever see him live. So, y'know, in the final ledger I'll have nothing to complain about.

- Watched the first Family Guy I had seen in a while. I still enjoy them, but they become a bit indistinguishable from one another. Went to sleep.

- Dreamt I was flying over a field of swaying wheat, nestled in a beautiful valley. At the far end of the valley, beyond the arable farmland and across a small river, was an indistinct figure. I could see the figure waving to me, beckoning me on. Suddenly my wings began to tear, seemingly shredding of their own accord. Quickly losing altitude, I looked tearfully to the horizon. The figure was still there, but it had stopped waving. Just before I fell to earth, to the soft embrace of swaying wheat, I saw the figure turn away and begin to walk. Not sure what it means.

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  1. last night I dreamt I was standing upstairs in Gosh! Andrew Salmond came around the corner and seemed surprised. "Hello, what are you doing here?" He placed his hand on my shoulder but I knew I hadn`t gone home yet and was still in Japan. Knowing that I was in a dream I was freaked out by actually being able to feel his hand, which is usually the signifier that you are or aren`t dreaming. So I knew something was in my room with me and I bolted up in bed.
    Thanks for waking me up Andrew.