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Monday, May 12, 2008

What Was It That I Did the Day Before the Day Before Yesterday? 12/05/08

Our exciting new feature! The day before the day before yesterday I:

- Carried on working with Nat’s PC, just installing software and so on.

- Went into town briefly just to get out of the house. Had a wander about upper Tottenham Court Road checking out techie shops and browsing cool stationary and knick-knacks in Paperchase. I do love stationary, though very rarely ever make effective use of it. If I had unlimited funds, I’m sure I would have a room just full of nice stationary. I would wander in each bright summer morning and breathe in the clean, organised wonder of it all. In the winter it would be an evening place of orderly comfort. Ahhh....

- Watched John Rambo. Searing indictment of a brutal, oppressive regime, or schlocky, exploitative, 80’s-styled right-wing power fantasy? Well, in practice most certainly the latter, but without a doubt the former in intent. On the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it never does itself any favours with its unconvincing, po-faced “War is hell” schtick, progressing from (incredibly graphic) violence in the “Oh my God! The horror of it all!” vein through to the “Oh yeah! Rip his fucking throat out!” school. But then I guess that’s the good ol’ US of A! Not that I, as a child of 80’s US DTV shit, am entirely innocent of that mentality.

- Got to bed reasonably early, as I had a 6am start.

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