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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 18/05/08

Back pain easing....happiness growing...yesterday I:

- Spent the morning pottering on the computer, still trying to find options for the honeymoon.

- Played a bit of Diablo 2.

- Went into town with Alex to look for wedding rings. It was a surprisingly painless process, really. I detest going into places like jewellers. I feel decidedly out of place, especially among the finely appointed gentlemen wandering up and down the street, each with their respective intended. But we went into one store to try some on, lured purely because the woman was very friendly with us while were outside. Anyway, she was great and we quickly found rings to suit. Not ordered yet, but we probably will go with them. I'm certainly inclined to, as I believe good service deserves patronage, even if it costs a little more.

- Slowly drank our way down to London Bridge to meet Dana & James for a congratulatory drink on their engagement. I stuck to the red wine, as beer really doesn't do me any favours these days. I appear to be having something of an allergic reaction to it, leading to hayfever-ish nasal disposition and a general leery drunkeness. Whereas red wine, I have discovered, makes me quite the merry bullshitter. Slightly obnoxious, but cheery with it.

- Headed to Mustafa's birthday at the Lord Clyde, a pub just around the corner from home. Had a nice chat with Mus and Doug, drank more red wine and left around 10.15 or so, as Alex was about to drop (having been up until 4.30-ish the night before).

- Got home, ordered pizza, ate two slices and then flaked out.

- Dreamt of pixie dust and underground military installations filled with the seething fires of man's evil.


  1. Maan, I can't really respect a dude that can't finish his pizza. UNLESS he was planning to leave some cold for the next day...

    If you're going to be a red wine drinker forever you have to brush your teeth a lot. My uncle's teeth are kind of purplish and my dad's teeth were pretty dark before they all fell out. His new ones are bright white though!

  2. Dreamt of pixie dust and underground military installations filled with the seething fires of man's evil.

    who doesn`t?
    oh, you mean when you were asleep?

  3. Merry Bullshitter, everyone!

  4. Merry Bullshitter, And rew happy no beer?