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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday 14/05/08

Wedding information is imminent, but yesterday I:

- Got up early with the intention of getting some stuff done first thing. I needed to do my usual morning internet trawl – ¾ hour on a workday which magically transforms to about 2 hours on a day off – plus get a bunch of wedding things done. I also needed to finish off my course reading for the week.

- Decided to head out for a while. Swung through a bookshop and made a mental note of books I wanted to read, which I promptly forgot. Popped into CassArt and looked through their craft stuff, which is always pleasant. Such a great store. Had a coffee in the sun and read the rest of this week’s chapter.

- Got home about 1 and turned my attentions to wedding stuff. Worked on the website and revised the email that we’re sending out this week. Got in touch with a bunch of coach-hire places for quotes.

- Washed dishes while watching music videos. Life just doesn’t get better than this, does it? Does it?

- Low impact evening: had dinner, watched some stuff, read my book, went to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. yeah Cassarts is good, good prices but bloody dangerous for me. Can you imagine how I feel when I go into art supplies stores here and teh ink and paper has MANGA and COMICS written on it?
    plus they have those Tom Cruise dolls.