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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Grizzled Blog Fans

The truth is I never left you. Just been a little busy. Well, busy and slack. I'll get back to speed soon. The short version of how things are is:

- South Africa looms. We fly out next Wednesday and I've got truckloads to do before then.

- I'm reading through my NaNo novel, and finding the whole rewrite thing pretty intimidating. Small chunks, that's the way to do it. One positive is that I am actually enjoying the read-through, despite the many cringe-inducing errors, or bits of clumsy prose.

- Not much else to report at the moment. Plus, I'm doing this on my phone, so thumbs up to brevity.

I was at : Soho, Westminster, London W1D 3,

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