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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 19/01/10

Tired this morning. But yesterday I:

- Made myself a little to do list, which I checked through as the day went on. Very happy with the results, as there were only a few things left unchecked at the end of the day.

- Went down to Angel to write and made the stupid choice of going to Tinderbox. Why do I go there? The staff are sullen and unfriendly, other than a few choice spots, the place always feels crowded and you have to pay for the wireless. Why, why, why? There's a Starbucks nearby which, while being a Starbucks, has friendly staff, comfortable seating upstairs with plenty of power points, and (with one of their top-up cards) free wireless. (Or even stolen free wireless from the Wetherspoons next door.)

- Did some prep work for my novel rewrite. I've left it a bit, but it's time to get stuck in. I've been having this sort of generalised anxiety about not having any particular writing project on the go. I've got lot of ideas floating about, but I've been dithering about whether or not I should do certain things, and any time I commit to doing anything I start thinking "But what about...?". But yesterday I came to the realisation that working on a second draft of my NaNo novel is actually a worthwhile priority. A big job that should be the focus of any writing I do this year, aside from Script Frenzy in April and NaNo again in November. All forward motion on that is a good thing.

- Leaving the cafe, I had to slip between my table and that of a woman next to me. As I was wearing my bulky jacket, I said to her that she'd better move her coffee - sat right on the edge of her table - or I might send it flying. I said it in a slightly jokey manner, and so gave a little laugh at the end of my sentence, at which point a small glob of phlegm dislodged from the back of my throat and went flying, landing on the arm of said woman's coat. I was horrified and there was this supremely awkward moment where I wasn't sure what I should do. She clearly wasn't happy about it, but was very good about the whole thing, and I offered her a tissue amidst a tumbling waterfall of apologies. I could've died. I left as quickly as I could, feeling like some horrific monster. I laugh to think about it, but it was genuinely one of the worst moments of my life. Augh!

- Got home, did some domestic stuff, then got stuck into Dragon Age Origins, secure in the knowledge that I'd had a productive morning. Made some good progress, too, getting past a section I had been working through for a while.

- Alex got home, so had dinner and faffed about a little on the internet.

- Booked tickets to South Africa! At last, we've got firm dates. We've been holding out price-wise, but things seem to have bottomed out and are now creeping back up. But Alex found flights through an agent with BA going for £640 each, so we're in business. Flying out on 3rd Feb, flying back on 3rd March. Doesn't quite seem real, to be honest.

- I intended to try and watch a movie while Alex did the soaps and Glee, but spent too much time fluffing about. So she came through for bed and we watched a Nurse Jackie then hit the sack.

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  1. Hahahha!!! Phlegm is such a great word. As a kid, I used to have to keep asthma diaries to show to my doctor, and he always giggled, and it wasn't till later that I realized I was spelling it "flem" the whole time.