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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 26/01/10

What can I say? Life is just so exciting! Anyway, yesterday I:

- Was a little hung over from Doug's birthday drinks the night before, but not too bad. Jolly Jonny C had stayed over at ours, so I went for breakfast with him before he caught his train back to Suffolk.

- Jumped a bus to Lewisham to visit two thirds of te whanau Bradley, with added grandmother. Dana's mum was over from Oz and it was nice to see her, as well as have a catch-up with Dana and my very cute goddaughter.

- Headed for home around 1pm and had a bit of a slow journey back, taking about half an hour longer than it took to get down there. Still better than doing a bus/rail journey, though.

- Did some domestic stuff, faffed a little, got dinner sorted, then played Dragon Age for a couple of hours.

- Did some internet shopping at Jacamo in preparation for the trip, but was having trouble getting the stuff delivered to my work. Annoying.

- Watched the first episode of the new series of Newswipe, which was great but also felt like a bit of an old message: the media loves fear. I actually thought I'd seen Brooker do this before, but I guess it's just something that's been done a lot by others. Either way, he has a knack for imparting serious information in the most entertaining manner.

- Started watching a BBC documentary about the rise of the British navy (pointed out to me by Bruce), which was rather good. Didn't finish, though, as Alex came through at the end of Glee.

- Watched Nurse Jackie to the end of the first season. Hardly a surprising conclusion, but still quite an effective way to end. Nothing new now until March.

- Sleeeep.

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