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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 21/01/10

Doin' some quick lunch-time blogging. But yesterday I:

- Worked. Delivery day, so I was wrapped up in that all day, all the more so than normal due to other people needing to be prioritised to other jobs. So, lots of counting, lots of bagging, lots of boredom.

- Went home and read a bunch of comics. A few highlights this week. Lovely Marcos Martin artwork on Amazing Spider-Man, nice first issue of new Grant Morrison series Joe the Barbarian, a couple of actually decent Siege tie-ins, a new Solomon Kane series and I still need to read but am looking forward to the latest issues of Rasl and Hellblazer.

- Watched the final two episodes of season two of True Blood, which were something of a disappointment, really. Over the final few episodes the whole thing just crosses the line into the too-silly category. Very sloppily put together too, lacking any real sense of tension. We'll probably carry on to season three when it starts, but it'll be back on an episode-to-episode probation.

- Hit the sack. Jeez! What a dull day!

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