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Monday, January 04, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 04/01/10

Apparently it's -5° outside. Also, I just discovered that I can type a degrees symbol by holding ALT and typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. My life is complete. But yesterday I:

- Worked. Went to the Starbucks down by Tottenham Court Road beforehand to read for a bit and found myself surrounded by a group of Hillsong churchgoers. They meet up beforehand for a little pep talk and a prayer and I felt more than a little out of place. Hillsong is a bit of a cringe-inducing thing: a decidedly happy clappy church that is slightly embarrassing in its "Jesus is cool!" rock music way. Music which I am reliably informed is terrible. Anyway, the group was led by a youngish Australian woman who was all "Let's rock that theatre for Jesus!" I didn't know where to look. And, honestly, I'm not someone who gets snooty about overt religious behaviour, but it really felt like parody.

- Work was uneventful. I was stuck on the till all day, and with Hayley off sick and Nat on holiday I was just doing sales cycle tasks.

- Came home, had a delicious roast and watched some television. Can't even remember what. Top Gear, for one. There's a strange thing about Jeremy Clarkson: I can't stand him, except within the context of Top Gear, where even his populist politics don't irritate me as much. For a show whose main message often seems to be "Global warming is nonsense because dealing with it interferes with things I enjoy", I'm surprisingly entertained.

- Oh yeah, watched the start of Celebrity Big Brother to see who was in, but just found it unbearable.

- Watched the first episode of season two of True Blood, which was thoroughly entertaining. Either it has markedly improved, or I've just gotten used to it. Either works.


  1. Oh you are a funny boy Androoo...

  2. I'm interested to see how season three of True Blood plays out - the books get much more interesting after the first two

  3. what if you don`t have a numeric keypad.

    or you have a japanese computer?

  4. Bolivian Special Top Gear was really good even with all the obvious stageyness of it.
    on teh way to Tokyo I watched the one wear they drive to the North Pole. an amazing feat but very sick.
    I agree with you on Top Gear.

  5. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Does you good to get your sales figures direct sometimes, that way you can cringe or smile as you go instead of getting them en-masse when you're ordering.

    Yes, I fiddled around with the ALT and Numeric keyp-pad and Lord 'O' Mighty there is tons of squiggly fun to be had.

    Just rather stupidly Purchased Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Athena and had I looked at the system requirements would have known i was buying a pretty useless slideshow as it don't effing move on my PC.


  6. I found Top Gear (and, indeed, Clarkson's reviews in the Times) less and less compelling as it's become less a show about toys with a dash of the absurd (Star in a reasonably priced car) and Clarkson's personality, and more about Clarkson's personality, with a bit about cars stuck on the side.