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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 09/01/10

Phew! Nearly missed it! Yesterday I:

- Worked. Late start again, so I meandered my way in, finished off the second of my schlocky Jonathan Maberry horror trilogy novels (Dead Man's Song: sequel to Ghost Road Blues, prequel to Bad Moon Rising, and to be honest something of an unnecessary, difficult middle child), then sauntered in to work.

- Spent the day filing and such. Nothing particularly exciting, though it should be noted that this week is one of the quietest I've ever worked at Gosh. The weather really has kept people out of town, or at least kept them in a firm home-work-home travel pattern that excludes any diversions for comics. Can't blame them, it's bloody freezing. Literally. Currently 0°.

- At the end of the day, Will B, Barney and I were going to divvie up the remainder of a box of Peroni given to us by a couple of customers for Christmas. But we figured we'd knock one back before we left. Wound up finishing off the box and leaving at about 10.30pm. Pleasant evening chatting about all kinds of crap, though, including the old Gosh-centric minicomic project Nice. It was fun to leaf through the few issues of it we have kicking around the store.

- Got home, ate some food in front of Celebrity Big Brother and then went to sleep. Had the worst night of nightmares I've had in a long time, including thinking I saw something lunging out of the clothing rack at me just as Alex came to bed. Freaky deaky.

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