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Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 15/01/10

I know, I know, I'm stumbling a little. ust wait until next month. Anyway, yesterday I:

- Came down with a cold. Blah.

- Got up late and got into town late. Luckily I was also starting late, so not really a problem. Still, left me less time than I would normally like in the pre-work hours. Didn't write at all, which is bad. Bad Andrew!

- Worked. New comics day, so not much notable happened to speak of, other than my attempts to surreptitiously blow my nose while on the till. The worst is when your nose is really going for it but you're working your way through a queue of people, and every time you get near the end, ready to grab that tissue, someone else comes up. Meanwhile you're snuffling and sniffing your way through it all. I don't particularly like blowing my nose then serving someone as I feel it's a bit unpleasant for the customer. Not to mention the fact that I haven't shaved for a few days, so making sure my nose is blown properly and then the area effectively cleaned takes a bit of time. Not to mention the horror of tissue stuck in my razor-like stubble. Sniffing seems like the better option. Too much information?

- Finished late and moped my way home on the bus. Got in, had some dinner, had a bath, read some comics, watched some True Blood then went to sleep.

- Lay awake at 1 in the morning as it dawned on me that taking those two Lemsip capsules just before bed may not have been that great an idea. Don't they stuff those things with caffeine?



  2. Odd, got half way through second paragraph and thought "too much information" only to find you'd realised a little too late by the end.

    Oh and my ears...................