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Friday, January 01, 2010

Let's Start As I Mean to Continue

Well, hello!

So it's been a while. How you been? You're looking good. Lost weight?

Needless to say, I've been neglectful. When last you saw me, NaNoWriMo was upon me, and I was entering the final week with a good amount left to do. Well, I'm happy to report that I finished the novel handily, and even wasn't totally horrified with the results. Don't get me wrong, it's far from the point of human consumption, but it's not a disaster either. Starting this month I'm going to work on rewriting it and see if I can't hammer it into something worthwhile. Further to that task, I've taken advantage of a NaNoWriMo winner's prize of a free print on demand copy of the book. It's been quickly proofed for spelling & grammar, formatted up (184 pages!) and submitted. Should have the physical copy in 2-3 weeks. Very exciting!

In other news, it's the new year, and in the spirit of resolutions and all of that I'm intending to up the blogging level. I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment, but I keep toying with the idea of a new comics-related blog, or perhaps just using this blog a lot more for varied purposes. Really, just exercises to keep me writing in the mornings when I'm lacking inspiration. I think I'll bring back the things I did yesterday feature as well, just because it's a great way to clear the cobwebs when I sit down to write in the mornings. Also, given the handful of readers I have are mainly friends of mine, they act as a convenient means of keeping people up to date with what I'm doing. Which, as you all know, is vital.

What else? Well, in terms of online presence, the addition of my beloved Android phone has got me very active on Facebook. Well, on status updates, at least. But other areas have become sorely neglected, particularly my Flickr account. I've allowed my pro subscription to lapse and am debating as to whether or not I should re-up. It's frustrating, as I use Picasa for my photo management, but the online galleries lack the functionality and social networking ease of Flickr. I've played with various plugins but nothing works as smoothly as I'd like. Anyway, hardly riveting stuff, I'm sure.

Twitter has pretty much lost me now, I'm afraid. I stuck with it for a while, but at the end of the day it wasn't serving any real purpose for me, or rather not enough of a purpose to justify the extra time it consumed. I'm thinking of using Google Wave to do the kind of short comics reviews I was doing on Twitter, so we'll see if that works out.

That's about it! I'm sure more will occur to me on a daily basis now, but I'll get back to you on that. But for now I'm gonna play some Dragon Age Origins on Xbox before wifey wakes up!

By the way, loyal tiny circle of readers, what would YOU like to see me do with the blog?


  1. I would like to see you blog heartily about whatever you are passionate about, basically. Thats why I tune in. I do miss the short comics reviews and occasionally handed Shane an extra ten-dollar note thanks to something I read from you.

    Huge congrats on the NaNoWriMo, by the way. Very well done indeed.

  2. I miss those Twitter comic reviews. Bring those back, only longer. Also the dreams should return. Those were excellent. Also, pictures of you dressed as notable Gosh customers. That would be good.

  3. what i did yesterday was a good format. more detail about things you`ve noticed around the city maybe.

  4. Wait...did you WIN on NaNoWriMo? You won something from it? They liked your work? They read it? What happened there?

    As for stuff I like to read..I like to read about Andrew the Extraordinaire. I'm a shrink for godsakes..I like to hear about the ins and outs of your life (or lack thereof). So please do tell!!

  5. I'm interested in your recent conversion to Jesus-freak. Can you expand a little on that please?

  6. Bruce: I got the fire, and not just from that rash you gave me.

    Lisa: You win by finishing. You get a downloadable certificate, discounts on some writing software and a free proof copy from a POD place called Createspace. They don't read it: you upload your manuscript to a wordcount verifier. You could cheat, but what would be the point? It's not like you have to show it to anyone anyway.