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Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 18/01/10

Tt...I really should have done up some end of year lists. Anyway, yesterday I:

- Went to visit Alex's Granny for her birthday. We got up early and walked down to the car rental place. It's in one of those curious spots where taking the bus involves a change, pushing the total time (45-ish minutes) up beyond the amount of time it takes to walk there (30-ish minutes). The place is down by Pentonville Prison, whose library graphic novel collection is now supplied by yours truly. Shaping minds and hearts.

- Drove out to Kent. It's a nice drive out there on the M20, as Kent is all beautiful rolling hills and forests. It helped that it was a nice day, though the sun shining off the wet roads was a bit much.

- Went to Granny's (just like in Spirited Away), had a coffee and then took her out for lunch. We went to a pub called The Black Horse in a village called Monks Horton. It's properly in amongst the kind of hair-raisingly thin country lanes that crisscross the British countryside (and which anyone who attended our wedding will be familiar with). Really nice place, with a great carvery. I do love me a good English country pub. Nothing else quite like it.

- Dropped Granny home and had another drink and a chat before heading back into London. I like coming back into London. It's a bit of a shithole, but I do love it. Don't get me wrong, it makes you work for that love and sometimes it really puts you through the wringer, but then you wake some mornings and look at it's beautiful sleeping face and it's all worth it. Except for the tube.

- Had some dinner and watched a few things before bed. Bit of True Blood (slightly lame episode), bit of Nurse Jackie (flawed but enjoyable). Went to sleep.

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  1. You are like Shawshank Redemption.