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Friday, January 22, 2010

Things I Did Yesterday 22/01/10

Here's a funny thought: I've now lived in London longer than I lived in Wellington. Got some way to beat Paraparaumu, but still, something of a landmark. Anyway, yesterday I:

- Had a very frustrating journey in to work. The trouble with starting on a late shift is that by the time I leave the house, rush hour proper has begun. So travelling on the bus becomes a bit of a nightmare. I really do have to start walking in again (although being annoyed by buses is the least of the reasons why).

- Worked. New comics day, which meant I was mostly on the till. I do still enjoy doing the till work, seeing all the regulars on a Thursday. It can be a little stressful, and leaves me a bit knackered, but it's fairly rewarding. I just need to make sure I do a little less of it on Fridays and Saturdays, so I'm not so bloody behind in my work all the time.

- Managed to get a little time off to catch up on emails at least.

- Got home, had some dinner and managed to finagle an hour of Xbox time (which involves me taking over the TV, of course). Played Dragon Age, which I'm really getting into now, in that way where I'll find myself thinking about the story at various points throughout any given day. I love it when a game gets its hooks in you that way.

- Watched a Nurse Jackie. The show has a feeling of looming disaster right now, an inevitable crash in mood as all the titular character's indiscretions catch up with her.

- Went to beddy-bye.


  1. Anonymous9:03 pm

    You do know you sounded like B with that first bullet point - although I dont expect you want to walk an hour into work and an hour home tho do you?


  2. I used to be really good about it. Walked in and out every day. But I've just gotten lazy about it and now I just keep making excuses. Oh, it's raining. Oh, I need to get in early. Oh, I'm not feeling well. Oh, it's Saturday. Etc, etc. etc!